"I will make it my mission to increase graduation and college acceptance rates, to retain competitive teacher salaries, providing safe campus environments, and challenge our staff, parents and students to reach beyond the status quo. I'll make the necessary changes our schools need to improve the quality of education, and ensure that students have the resources to achieve academic excellence while making education fun and exciting again. I hope to earn your vote." 
Eddie Flores

All students deserve schools that are physically, emotionally, and culturally safe. Let’s ensure all educators get support to address bullying, discriminatory speech, and bias in our schools.

  • Increase support for schools in addressing bullying, prejudices, and implicit bias.

  • Invest in the K-12 quality curriculum, diverse books, and cultural celebrations.

  • Increase professional development and push-in for educators in high-needs schools.


All families deserve to be heard, regardless of income, home language or education level. Let’s set clear expectations for sharing information with families, and simplify enrollment.


  • Increase access to translation/interpretation services language is not a barrier for families or a burden linguistically diverse.

  • Establish clear expectations for sites and staff in communicating and listening to families.

  • Improve ‘customer service’ at the administration office to improve support for families navigating enrollment and reporting school concerns.


All students deserve challenging instruction and individualized support to achieve their highest potential. Let’s increase academic opportunity for students and bring more resources to schools with community schools and wellness centers.


  • Support resolution to remove tracking and other forms of segregation within and among schools—All students deserve access to quality instruction.


  • Advocate for reduced class size, increased professional development for meeting needs of gifted and struggling students, and increase push-in support for students with academic and behavioral challenges.


  • Increase wraparound services to support non-academic issues that impact learning, this includes wellness centers, support for foster/homeless youth, and community schools.