Dear Family, Friends, and Community,


I am excited to announce that I am running for the South San Francisco Unified School District Board of Trustees in the upcoming November 2018 election.


As a community, we share a collective responsibility to provide quality schools for all children. The reason why school board elections are non-partisan is that we all care about the future of our children and improving our communities. When our schools are stronger, our entire community benefits. In order to facilitate positive change in our district, it is important that we all work together, including businesses, parents, teachers, administration, and community members. I will make it my mission to empower the district in making education fun and exciting again so our kids can find what interests and excites them so learning won’t be considered a chore. 


As a South San Francisco Parks and Recreation Commissioner, I have learned and connected with our community, families, and the eminent needs that are pivotal to ensuring the success of our children. I have listened to the concerns you have openly shared, heard your wishes and desires, and witnessed the passion of each of our families to  


create a safe environment for our community's children to learn and grow. Hearing your concerns has inspired me to step up and to do what I can to make a brighter future for our families and younger generations. I have the passion to run a winning campaign and I need your support to advance and share the desire for a quality education for all. 


Each of you have been amazing supporters and cheerleaders, providing me with your unconditional support as I have pursued my goals and educational endeavors. And now I am ready to dedicate my time and be of service to you, my community. If not now, then when? This announcement is only possible because of you, my family and friends, you have lifted me up to be a better version of myself each and every day. It is because of you that we will be successful on this path to November.  


My campaign is now OUR campaign. A campaign made up of my family, my friends, and the residents impacted by South San Francisco Unified School District. 

Our campaign will be run with hard work and integrity. 

Our campaign is focused on our children, improving our schools, and in turn, improving our entire community.

Our campaign is focused on the residents and our future. 

However, our campaign needs a hand to get off the ground. I can't do this alone and I hope I can count on your support. Starting now. 


Can I count on your vote on Tuesday, November 6, 2018?


Eddie Flores