New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Schools

Eddie is running for South San Francisco School Board because he has been a lifelong advocate for children and families, and believes in restoring our public schools is key to South San Francisco’s future. He is personally committed to ensuring all children get the opportunities that he was fortunate to receive. Eddie has lived in South San Francisco for over eight years and has most recently served as Commissioner of Parks and Recreation. Over the course of his life, he has successfully advocated for safe schools, access to strong academic programs, and increased communication with families.


His commitment to educational initiatives stems from his personal journey through public education as a young immigrant child. At the age of seven, Eddie's family came to the US from El Salvador, a country plagued by military mayhem, political chaos, and civil war. As a result of the tense political climate, Eddie's mother had to make a life-changing decision. She decided to bring him and his sister to the US in order to provide a better quality of life.


Arriving here, they lived in the predominantly immigrant Spanish-speaking community of San Francisco’s Mission district, as well as East and South Central Los Angeles. During his early childhood years, they lived in substandard housing conditions, with limited English language proficiency, and lacked health insurance. Life in the US proved to be challenging as Eddie and his family became acquainted with a new way of life. Despite all the challenges surrounding his upbringing, Eddie's resilience proved strong as he excelled in his academic studies. He proactively took advantage of the resources and educational opportunities of a public education exposing him to meaningful relationships via the mentorship of teachers and strong role models. 


Graduating from Westmoor High School in Daly City with the distinguished honor of earning his graduating senior class' service award, Eddie grew a strong passion for helping out and serving his community. He continued to pursue this instinct once attending community college where he worked as a part-time science aide. It was while he was co-teaching science to 2nd-grade students in the West Contra Costa Unified School District where Eddie witnessed first hand the hardships teachers and students endured to ensure lesson plans were fully implemented. This proved to be a very rewarding and meaningful experience for him.  

After graduating from community college with dual associate degrees and honors, Eddie attended UC Berkeley earning degrees in public health and public policy, becoming the first in his family to graduate from a four-year university. While at Cal, he volunteered in numerous educational outreach organizations mentoring and advocating for children's issues and after school curriculum reform. He also served as the youngest president of the Child Care Coordinating Council of Alameda County (4Cs) overseeing the board of directors and a yearly fiscal budget of $22M. 


Eddie's passion and determination in fundraising led him towards an extensive background spanning more than a decade in the hospitality & events industry. He has managed high profile internal and external corporate events, logistics and production oversight for large B2B and B2C tech events, conferences and much more. Currently, he works at Salesforce Headquarters in San Francisco where he manages a dedicated high-performing events team. Always striving to elevate and learn more, he is currently finishing his Executive MBA at San Francisco State University. 


Eddie's background proves that hard work and perseverance are essential towards a better quality of life. On the School Board, Eddie will ensure our district keeps its promises because every child deserves a high-quality education. He will work towards ensuring safer schools and that the educational foundation for each student exists. In his own words, "In order to facilitate positive change in our district, it is important that we all work together, including businesses, parents, teachers, administration, and community members."


Eddie wholeheartedly believes that when our schools are stronger, our entire community benefits.

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